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Hypermobility and EDS lectures for Health Professionals  

We are thrilled to have formed a group, with fellow experienced clinicians to create our ‘Hypermobility advocacy group!’ Our group has put together an incredible 5 part lecture series through the Australian Physiotherapy Association on Hypermobility! The first of its kind launching in 2022! These lectures are specifically designed for allied health professionals, both in Australia and Internationally wanting to upskill in the area of hypermobility, EDS and HSD diagnosis and management. 

To book your lectures head to: and search for individual lectures below. Lectures are available for access to APA members and non-members. 

1. Lecture date: Tuesday 21st June 2022
“Hypermobility – its types and management.’ Presented online by Sharon Hennessy (Qld) 

2. Lecture date: Wednesday 27th July 2022  
“The exceptions to the rules of chronic pain. Can you spot the hypermobile ‘zebra’ in your practice? Presented online by Pauline Slater (SA)  

3. Lecture date: Wednesday August 24th 2022 
“It’s not just low tone – How we can understand and support our children with hypermobility” Presented online by Katie Cleary (Vic) and Claire Adams (Qld) 

4. Lecture date: Wednesday September 21st 2022 
“Pelvic floor and hypermobility through the lifespan– It’s not always weakness”  
Presented online by Terry Wesselink (Vic)  

5. Lecture date: Wednesday October 26th 2022
“Managing Fatigue, Research and clinical pearls to win the long race  
Presented online by Nathan Butler and Jacqui Main (Vic) 

We can't wait to share our knowledge and tips to raise awareness and improve diagnosis, management and supports for people of all ages living with hypermobility and associated conditions! 

To read our group's BLOG, head to the page below - on Hypermobility Connect!

Access all the latest information from the EDS society via YouTube

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