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Hypermobility-Bendy joints-Double Jointedness-
EDS- Ehlers Danlos Syndrome..

Joint hypermobility is a term to describe the capability of joints to move beyond normal limits, it has often be called "Double Jointedness". It can exist by itself or be a part of a more complex diagnosis.


Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is defined as a distinct problem in connective tissue. Connective tissue is what the body uses to provide strength and elasticity; normal connective tissue holds strong proteins that allow tissue to be stretched but not beyond its limit, and then safely return that tissue to normal. Connective tissue is found throughout the body, and Ehlers-Danlos syndromes are structural problems.

An analogy: If one builds a house with faulty materials, say half the necessary wood or with soft aluminum nails, it is certain there will be problems. Some problems are more likely to show up than others, but because those materials were used everywhere and are not necessarily visible, one can be surprised by where a problem shows up or how serious it is.

It is much the same thing with an Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and connective tissue.

As a Physiotherapist I can assist by:

  • Implementing Strengthening exercise programs which are the cornerstone of treatment for Ehlers–Danlos syndrome/ Hypermobility.

  • Assisting with pain management, education about the interconnected body systems and the effects of EDS on each.

  • Supporting each patient with finding and linking them with Health and Medical Specialists and Networks locally, nationally and internationally, to best manage each individuals symptoms.

  • Assisting improving the stamina, strength, and managing pain symptoms often associated with EDS and Hypermobility.

  • Offering treatments for children and adults with EDS and Hypermobility including: hydrotherapy,  tapping, massage, TENS  and orthotics 

  • Additionally, as a classroom teacher I am able to work with you, your child and their school create the optimal learning environment and manage your child's hypermobility issues.

Hypermobility; Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

I am an educator and facilitator with PROJECT EDS- ECHO®  Australiasia since 2023.


EDS ECHO® is a program for healthcare professionals across the world and across all disciplines who want to improve their ability to care for people with EDS, HSD and associated symptoms and conditions. 

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