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Hypermobility- Double Jointedness- Bendy Joints-Ehler Danlos Syndrome.......... &

Coordination Disorders (DCD) or Dyspraxia.

Often* children affected with Development of Movement and Coordination Difficulties (DCD) or Hypermobility are also found to have Learning, Reading, Writing, Handwriting and/or Attention issues. A large percent of specific learning difficulties/disabilities (up to 80 percent) show themselves as problems learning to read and write.


There is extensive evidence that the combination of these difficulties can have considerable impact on children's lives as they can struggle in school, at sport and at home. Research on improvement of children with DCD concludes that, without intervention, the majority of children do not outgrow the condition*.


Being both a Paediatric Physiotherapist (who can work with movement, coordination, strength, balance, vision, learning issues and fine/gross motor skills) and Classroom teacher results in a broad range of challenges being able to be treated simultaneously and seamlessly. Treatment needs to be individualised, engaging and child focused. With both families and children participating in the goal setting process. Reading, Handwriting or Writing difficulties can be addressed individually or simultaneously with any movement, strength or coordination concerns as children often learn best through a variety of senses.

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