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Paediatric Physiotherapists are specialists in movement skills development and aim to improve overall mobility, strength and coordination to allow children to participate fully in every aspect of their lives.


They take into account the structures and functions of the body which are responsible for movement, including muscles, bones and the nervous system.  By working closely with the child and their family, issues are identified and then addressed. 

Paediatric Physio benefits include:

•   Increased Strength and Stamina

•   Skills development in sports and athletics

•   Improved Coordination 
•   Development of Movement skills in children with movement

   difficulties or delays (rolling, sitting, crawling, walking,

   hopping or running)

•   Improved fine motor skills needed in everyday life including,

   handling of small objects or in handwriting.

•   Participation in sport and active play activities

•   Increased independence

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Specifically Paediatric Physio can assist in the treatment of: 

What is Paediatric Physiotherapy?

Clicky hips, stiff necks or turned in feet in babies and young children•

• Excessive flexibility, Hypermobility, EDS
• Specific diagnoses, such as  Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome or Muscle

• Development of mobility skills such as walking, running, hopping or jumping

 Development of coordination, spatial orientation and body awareness

Development of Handwriting and Fine motor skills such as use of scissors

• Management of muscle tightness and weakness, joint stiffness, contracture and deformity.

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