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Being able to Write Well!

Written Expression and Understanding what it takes to write well.....

  • Writing is one of the most difficult and complex tasks for children to learn. Written expression requires a number of key skills, only one of which is being able to handwrite legibly. Other skills needed involve: Executive functioning skills like: working memory, planning, sustained focus, organisation and self-regulation.

  • Furthermore, Writing skills operate at three levels: word, sentence, and paragraph/whole text. Children also need to be able to understand the essential requirements of different writing types/genres.


  • Understanding these skill areas and processes can help you understand why your child may be struggling. Often written expression can be challenging for many kids with learning and attention issues.

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  • Remember : There are ways to help struggling writers build these writing skills and processes.


  • As both a Paediatric Physio and Classroom teacher, I am able to both assess and provide therapy, scaffolding and tutoring to support your child to acquire skills, strategies and processes so as to improve their written expression.

  • Early intervention is essential, as there is a strong correlation between early difficulties in writing and later difficulties. Students need to be provided with structured opportunities to acquire relevant writing skills, such as spelling and handwriting, as well as effective writing processes, such as sentence and text structure, spelling, planning, paragraph organisation, revising and editing skills.

  • As a classroom teacher with extensive classroom experience I am able to assist your child develop their writing knowledge, skills and technique.

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