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How Move to Learn Physiotherapy can help your child.

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As both a paediatric physiotherapist and classroom teacher I am able to treat your child's movement, strength, balance, handwriting, focus or coordination difficulties and how these impact your child's everyday life, leisure and academic potential.

Treatments may Includes:

•  Strength training through use of gym balls, exercise bands,

  child-focused Pilates activities and games to improve core, 

   trunk and limb strength

•  Coordination, Balance and fluidity of movement practice

•  Multisensory Dyslexia programs which focus on the use

  of: focusing and mindfulness, spatial awareness, symbol 

  words, visual-kinaesthetic learning

•  Pain management, through: stretches, massage, TENS,


•  Development of Movement skills in children with

  movement difficulties or delays (rolling, sitting, crawling, walking,

   hopping or running)

•  Fine motor skills development and core muscle strength

  games to assist in Handwriting, scissor skills and handling of

  small objects

•  Home exercise programs

•  Mindfulness, managing anxiety and self awareness to assist

   children who find it hard to focus and calm themselves, or

   get anxious because of their movement, coordination or 

   hypermobility concerns

•  Hydrotherapy-a great way to strengthen with less joint strain

•  Taping, Strapping, Orthotics and splinting– static and dynamic

•  Prescription and supply of orthopaedic footwear 

Reading, Handwriting or Writing difficulties often learn best through a MULTIMODAL/MULTISENSORY LEARNING APPROACH- See the page "How Physio and Teaching work together"

Understanding that families are time-poor, Pauline happily provides a mobile service to your home, school or in her rooms and works closely with the child and their family through games focused intervention to help your child reach their maximum learning and movement potential.


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